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Our Clients

Greeley Wealth was created to help healthcare professionals achieve financial well-being during each stage of their life and career. From new attendings facing the reality of student loan debt, mid-career physicians looking to open their private practice, or seasoned professionals who want to create generational wealth with a solid legacy plan.

Our clients understand saving and investing for retirement is a long-term strategy. It’s not about picking a hot stock, beating the market, or listening to the investment opportunity overheard in the break room. It’s about minimizing fees, being diligent, and following your financial plan. Building wealth is about discipline and patience.

As a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, I share your desire to care for patients and your communities. When busy clinicians prioritize their financial foundation, I genuinely believe they can be more present and focused on caring for their patients and profession.

No matter your financial needs, my broad skill set and qualifications in medicine, law, and finance uniquely qualify me to provide expert advice and guidance in shaping your financial success.

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Who We Help

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A young married couple six months out of residency, Yvonne graduated in internal medicine, and James is a corporate attorney. They are thinking about having kids in the next few years and would like to save for a home but feel overwhelmed by their student loan debt. Together they have over $200,000 in student loans at 7%. Yvonne saved $12,000 during residency in her 403(b). They have no credit card debt and both work in private practice.



An dental surgeon in private practice for five years, Emily has less than $100,000 in student loan debt. She saves $19,500 each year in her company 401(k) but feels like she should be doing more if she ever wants to retire.



A second-year surgery resident, Peter knows his hospital at his residency “gives” him some money in his 457(b) each paycheck but is not sure where it’s invested or how much. He has not looked at any of his student loans since signing the documents as a med student and could not tell you how much he owes or who has the paperwork.



Malik has worked hard and “needs” a vacation to decompress this year. He and a few residency classmates are going to Hawaii for a week – courtesy of his credit card, of course. He can pay for it when he makes “attending money.” Malik’s employer will match 3% if he saves in 401(a). Who has money for that during residency when rent alone costs over $2,000 per month!



A CRNA, Jasmine managed to save some money before school, so thankfully has less than $50,000 in student loan debt. Jasmine wants to work part-time in several years after having kids. She has started saving for a house, but that down payment seems so far away. Her employer contributes 6% to her 401(k) and pays for health insurance. That’s enough, right? She doesn’t feel she needs to save more than that.


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