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About Greeley Wealth

For the average healthcare professional, the feelings of pride and achievement at finally graduating are typically paired with the heavy burden of hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt.

You dedicated countless hours to learning, studying, and training in your field. You missed birthdays and holidays, time with your families, and sacrificed vacations to provide compassionate and excellent care for your patients. Amidst all of that, there was no time to give your finances even a second thought.

Between undergrad, medical school, and then residency, most young physicians do not begin saving for retirement until late into their 20s, if not their 30s. You’ve missed an entire decade or more of allowing your money and investments to compound and work for you. When it comes to addressing your financial health and security, there’s no time to waste.

Break the cycle of debt

Starting your career on a turbulent financial footing is a deeper issue of our profession that needs to be resolved. But until that day comes, the need for financial education and support is essential to help you pay off those debts as quickly as possible, without falling into common traps along the way that can keep you in a cycle of debt for decades.

I’ve stood in your shoes. I know how crushing those financial burdens can be. That’s why I created Greeley Wealth Management: To show fellow healthcare professionals there is a way out of debt, and it’s not as difficult as you might imagine.


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Build a life of financial freedom

When used correctly, money is a critical tool in achieving your goals and living by your values. While physicians and other health care professionals are incredibly smart and have a vast knowledge base, many – if not most – understand very little about retirement savings, investing, asset protection, and estate planning.

After all those years of sacrifice during training, there is a hunger to make up for lost time – the temptation to get that fancy car or the giant house, to take those trips to Europe in first class. All are typical lures steering you away from connecting your money to your purpose.

That’s where Greeley Wealth comes in. We appreciate nothing more than seeing a resident or young physician realize we now have a plan to pay off their mountain of student loan debt and start saving for all those bucket list items they’ve worked so hard to be able to afford.

Our goal is to help you understand that you really can have anything you want – just not everything you want. Working together, we’ll grow and protect your hard-earned income today, tomorrow, and well into the future.


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