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Cobin Soelberg, M.D., J.D.


I am an Investment Advisor Representative and a financial planner. I am also a Board Certified Anesthesiologist working in private practice. Additionally, I earned both law and bioethics degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. This breadth of professional acumen leaves me well situated to serve my fellow medical practitioners.

Like so many of my peers, I graduated from residency owing over $300K. I was newly married and knew very little about personal finance. Together, my wife and I owed almost $500K in student loan debt! I vividly remember this point in our lives—the overwhelming stress of being a new attending and continuing my professional development. I often questioned if we would ever pay back our loans, save enough to buy our first home, and finally start feeling like we were in control of our financial future.

Eager for positive change, I reached out to the “professionals.” I received recommendations for an accountant and another for a financial planner. I’ll save you the details and cut to the bad ending: my accountant gave me bad tax advice that cost us over $30K. And our financial advisor was more concerned with making his commissions and fees by selling us expensive products than he was in building our wealth.

Determined I would never be taken advantage of again, and to help educate my colleagues and peers, I started my finance and investing training. Intelligent and passionately curious, I wanted to better meet my fellow busy clinicians’ financial needs.

A few years later, I am a practicing Investment Advisor Representative and financial planner. My wife and I paid off that mountain of debt and bought our first home. I still remember making our last student loan payment and the visceral feeling of a weight being lifted. Our lives, and more importantly, our time, could be ours again. We were finally free to decide based on what is most important to us long-term, not just focused on more money.

We reclaimed our freedom. Freedom to work less. Freedom to take a more rewarding job. More time outside together. Being in control of our choices.

Now I want to share this knowledge with YOU and help you build a life of personal and financial freedom. Together, let’s make your money work for you and build that life you’ve always dreamed of.


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Honoring the past, present and future

This is only part of my story. The next is more personal, but it’s a crucial thread in how Greeley Wealth came to be.

Several years ago, my best friend, Ryan, the person who first inspired me to become an anesthesiologist, tragically passed away from aggressive brain cancer. I’ll always treasure those last years we spent skiing and mountain biking together.

Thankfully, Ryan had been saving for retirement, and more importantly, he had incredible disability and life insurance. This experience further cemented my desire to educate medical professionals to help make financially sound choices in their own lives. To save and plan for the future while protecting one’s family.

To honor Ryan and his role as a friend and colleague, I named my business after our favorite ski run at Alta, Utah, where Ryan and I skied hundreds of times and made a lifetime of memories. Even now, I can see the view from the top of the ridgeline, feel the cold wind whipping at my face, and sense the anticipation building before skiing down the mountain’s face.

Greeley Wealth is a fitting tribute to one of the most remarkable men I have ever known. I hope it imparts a message of trust and authenticity in everything we do here, as we strive to do justice to Ryan’s memory. Only the utmost professionalism and integrity will be enough.

Cobin with Ryan

Growing up in Utah, I enjoyed exploring the outdoors, whether with a pair of skis under my feet or on a mountain bike climbing through the trails. These moments provide clarity and time to reflect after long days in the operating room. They are also a great chance to spend time and reconnect with my wife, Julie.

Julie and I currently live in Bend, Oregon. We enjoy making the most of our community and beautiful natural surroundings, whether that’s mountain biking from our front door or exploring nearby hiking trails with our Rhodesian ridgeback, Lumi.

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