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How We Help

How we help, or what we do, are questions I love to answer. Let’s back up a little and first start with why. “What” is easy and straightforward. But discovering your why… that can be magical.

The why is freedom. It provides you with the freedom to spend your time and money in the most valuable way for you. Helping clients achieve their own dreams – saving for their kids’ college, spending more time at home, being able to take a year sabbatical, and live overseas. These are the moments that matter.

I strive to work with clients who are engaged in creating more freedom and are looking for a financial partner to help them on their journey. Our most precious resource is our time and attention. Let’s make your money work for you to create more time.

What We Do

Our what is more straightforward. Greeley Wealth Management provides retirement planning, student loan repayment strategies, and portfolio and investment management. We provide accountability and security, so you know you and your money are being taken care of. It is central to what I do for my patient’s lives in the operating room. And it’s central to what I do for my client’s financial lives as well.

Successful investing relies not just on discipline and knowledge but also on behavior. Physicians have unique professional challenges and financial burdens. We can work together to make your financial life easy and worry-free.

Having survived a rigorous residency, I know the financial stressors my colleagues face – medical liability, estate, and other tax issues, and protecting your hard-earned income. That’s why I created Greeley Wealth. Creating a trusted advisor to protect and grow physician’s wealth, helping you build a life of financial freedom, and advancing our shared medical profession.


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The Greeley Process

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Our introductory meeting is a chance to learn more about each other and determine if Greeley Wealth is a good fit for your planning needs. This meeting includes pricing and what to expect during the planning process.
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This meeting is all about YOU. What are your most pressing concerns? What are we working towards? What does success mean for you?
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Much information gathering can be completed online. Here, we can work together to finalize any outstanding information necessary to begin creating your unique financial plan.
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We present your initial financial plan here, addressing the most urgent issues to focus on now, and set priorities for the future.
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With your basics covered, we have the opportunity to create a new vision for your future.
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These check-in meetings allow us to recognize your progress and celebrate your success. This is a great time to evaluate our course and make any course corrections or update our map based on new information.


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