Greeley Wealth Management Fees

Our Fees

At Greeley Wealth, we are legally obligated as fiduciaries to put your best interests first. As such, we believe in full transparency about our fees.

We are under no financial obligation to any third party and receive no compensation for selling products. You can rest assured that when it comes to our financial planning and asset management, we have no hidden agenda – we simply strive to deliver honest and effective advice designed to help you live a life of financial freedom.

We chose our fee schedule to allow new to practice physicians and advanced practice nurses to access excellent financial planning without requiring minimum assets to invest. Our fee schedule gives clients the flexibility to manage their investments on other platforms if they desire.

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How our fees work

We create a comprehensive financial plan for new clients based on your specific needs and our financial assessment. This initial plan costs between $2000-$5,000, depending on your particular planning requirements and complexity. Half of the fee is due before starting any financial planning, with the remainder due at the presentation.

Our ongoing financial advising services cost $750-$1250/month, providing continual contact with your guide at Greeley Wealth Management throughout the year.

If we manage your portfolio, our fees start at 0.6% of assets. As your investments grow, our management fee decreases. We believe our fee structure, while not the most expensive nor the cheapest, is fair and is indicative of the value we add, unlike most financial planning firms that charge over 1% or more for assets under management.

For students and residents, we offer discounted planning. Ongoing planning costs $99/month during your training.

Planning Fees for Assets Under Management

$0 – $999,999
0.60% (60 Basis Points)
$1,000,000 – $2,999,999
0.50% (50 Basis Points)
$3,000,000 – $4,999,999
0.40% (40 Basis Points)
$5,000,000 – Above
0.30% (30 Basis Points)

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